“Wish You Were Here: Postcards from the Recent Passed”

Photographs by Steve Moriarty
Sept 6 – Oct 28

"Hack Hoffenberg Dies and Goes to Heaven", 2010. Archival digital print, 18” x 12”

“Hack Hoffenberg Dies and Goes to Heaven”
Archival digital print, 18”x12”

Steve Moriarty is the Curator Emeritus of the photography collection at the University of Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art. He has been photographing since his early twenties, and is probably best known for his documentation of the Civil War in El Salvador.

Moriarty explains, “The photos in this exhibition were inspired by the picture postcards we send while on the road to friends back at home. The ‘postcards’ here are not of outstanding scenery or important buildings or places. Rather, they more reflect my personal impressions at the moment of pushing the shutter button. Some may seem obvious, while others are more obscure. “

“The viewer is invited to imagine himself or herself as my travel companion in that place and time. Would you have been interested, bored, nervous, calm, intrigued, repelled? All responses are equally valid. “

"My Father’s Last Visit to the Grotto", 2009. Archival digital print, 12’ x 18”

“My Father’s Last Visit to the Grotto”, 2009.
Archival digital print, 12’ x 18”

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