Poetry Marathon 2012

Friday, April 13th at 5pm through Saturday April 14 5pm

Design by Lia Mirkhabutdinova

Tshirt design by Lia Mirkhabutdinova

“Come early, leave late, or come late, leave early” at Artpost Gallery’s 3rd Poetry Marathon – a tribute to National Poetry Month in April.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the poets, sponsors and volunteers who helped make 24 hours of poetry happen in 2012!

Time lapse video of 2012 Poetry Marathon (+ extras)

Our 2012 sponsors:

See YouTube videos of poets who read in 2010 and 2011 >>

2012 schedule of poets

Friday April 13, 5:00 – 11:45 pmSaturday, April 14, Midnight – 9:45 amSaturday April 14, 10am – 5pm
05:00PMDavid Casper & Jake Webster12:00AMJake Webster10:00AMHoward Dukes
05:15PMDavid Casper & Jake Webster12:15AMDavid Casper10:15AM
05:30 PMLori Caskey Sigety12:30AMJake Webster10:30AM
05:45PMIrinka Johnson12:45AMDavid Casper10:45AMEmily Anne Licina
06:00PMChairman Ralph01:00AMShaun Smith Christensen11:00AMDorre Campbell and Kelly Harrington
06:15PMMathew Heckaman01:15AMCharles Payton11:15AM
06:30PMShaun Smith Christensen01:30AMWayne Goodling11:30AM
06:45PMTamara Nicholl-Smith01:45AM11:45AM
07:00PMJudy Jones02:00AMHoward Dukes12:00PMJustina Lichtenbarger
07:15PMZorina Frey02:15AM12:15PMLaura Yahya
07:30PMSue Barnard 02:30AM12:30PMGail Galvan
07:45PMPam Blair02:45AM12:45PMRyan Duckworth
08:00PMGene Halton03:00AM01:00PMGladys Muhammed
08:15PMGroshonda McDonald Fitzpatrick03:15AM01:15PMSade Murphy
08:30PMMike Amato03:30AMAdam Paddy01:30PMDaniel Giddings
08:45PMJames Elrod03:45AM01:45PMRebecca Pelky
09:00PMRachel Cheeseman04:00AMRachel Cheeseman02:00PMAllen DeSomer
09:15PMDavid Karapetyan04:15AMShaun Smith Christensen02:15PMStephen Allen
09:30PMRoger Chrastil04:30AM02:30PMJeanne Cook
09:45PMAshley Zeh05:00AM02:45PMCherri Peate
10:00PMCharles Payton05:15AM03:00PMLisa Cunningham
10:15PMRebecca Pelky05:30AM03:15PMLee Gloster
10:30PMWayne Goodling05:45AM03:30PMAdosh
10:45PMTeshaun Massey06:00AM03:45PMGroshonda McDonald Fitzpatrick
11:00PMLonnie06:15AM04:00PMSade Murphy
11:15PMEric Ford06:30AM04:15PMShaun Smith Christensen
11:30PMMike K06:45AM04:30PMDavid Casper
11:45PMEmily Anne Licina07:00AM04:45PMDavid Casper & Jake Webster
 08:00AMJudy Jones
 08:30AMWayne Goodling
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