Artist Statement

The challenge one gets by direct carving and adding other materials is so rewarding. It allows me to experience making art without any hesitation or reservation. It’s like I am collaborating with myself to prepare me to work with others. Yes, wood is my primary material and being from Indiana has given me the audacity to carve stone (limestone, marble and alabaster). Indiana is known as the limestone capital of the world. Because my inspiration comes from the environment in which I live, I always have an art project that I am working on.

I am so moved by the people that come into my life, our shared stories become the foundation and the synergy for making art in this BIG/SMALL world. No matter how simple the solution we will find a way to make it complicated. Art allows us to communicate with one another without becoming angry and upset or shouting and shaking our fist when the topics become difficult. When others around us are saying let’s be tolerant, Art says no, let us be respectful. Art helps us find that inner peace as we seek the tranquility in our physical world. Art allows us to dialogue when we feel good, and know it, within ourselves. Art builds the trust that feeds the soul so that one knows what is right.

Sculpting is the way I find myself

Sculpting is the way I be myself

Sculpting is the way I share myself

Sculpting is the way I give of myself


Sculpting is the way I feed the world

Sculpting is the way I feed me.

So art becomes the language for us to communicate with and I love the author that I am. When one comes to view my works, there are only two questions one needs to ask. What in the HELL is he doing? Because this is the courtesy and respect you give the artist. And the second question is, how do I make my life better from this day forward? As a maker of Art the latter I ask myself every day.




Jake Webster, Sculptor and Educator